I just wanted to jot down this “dream” I had (dreams are in quotes because I’m still questioning if it wasn’t more…) in the first month I came back to Portland, after traveling across the world for some of the summer, I had just started up meditating once a week at the Portland meditation group and I had this dream the morning after a deep meditation sitting the night before.

Straight from my journal:


I had the weirdest f***ing thing happen shortly before waking up.  I was in the sky, but somehow I realized it wasn’t an earthly sky, the color was that of another world.  It was sepia-tone, is the best way to explain it.  There were stars everywhere and I realized I was free/flying/floating in the Universe.  It was so vast!  So expansive, eternal, it was lovely, but then I fell back into my body and then I had this intense ringing in my ears (I had this the same night after our family cat, Kier, passed away a year ago.)  With this intense ringing, it wasn’t even as if it was my ears, it — the best way to explain it is, you know that noise as you change a channel on the T.V. and it’s static?  It was like that, as if my mind was changing channels and I was back out in the expansive Universe, it was breath-taking, so ever open and the feeling of leaving the body — I was out of my body and I tried so hard to start exploring this new Universe and then I realized I felt stuck lying down on my bed, but it was so over-whelming.  This euphoric, free feeling…I started breathing heavy and the buzzing/ringing came back in my ears and right back into my body I fell and reality came back.

Again, I realize that the point of meditation is not to have these experiences, but it seems that OBEs (out-of-body experiences) and meditation go hand-in-hand, no?

I would love to hear other stories of this….anyone, anyone?  Bueller?  If you have read this far, please share!  🙂

15 comments on “Dreams….

  1. I have never had what I identified as an OBE–when I get lost in meditation it usually feels like a waking dream to me, or a vision of some sort…. but I have been told by my teachers that after deep meditation/inner work you remain open to the inner realms for sometimes as long as several weeks afterwards so you must be gentle with yourself 😉 I have done breathwork before and my dreams for several days afterwards were quite interesting! It is so fun to hear about others’ experiences..thank you for sharing!


    • That makes a lot of sense what your teachers stated. I have never meant to have an OBE in my meditations, they have kind of just happened, but I try to be aware of the body at all times. Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂


  2. I’ve been trying to learn how to have OBE’s at will but I’ve had a lot of distractions lately. I’m jealous of your experience. 🙂 I lived in Portland (Lake Oswego and West Linn) for 19+ months before moving to Albuquerque. I met very like-minded and cool people there.


    • Awwww, Carrie — I’m sure you will get there! 🙂 Distractions do come up a lot, huh? I wish you luck in your endeavor though… That is so awesome that you lived in Portland for a while. My sister used to live in Albuquerque, that’s a beautiful place! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  3. Personally, I think that dreams are projections from the brain… nothing more. Dreams are basically the mind struggling, at night, to bring order out of what happened during the day. It is likely, I think, that a mind that doesn’t resolve a lot of issues that occur during the day… needs to dream a lot at night in order to try to resolve (or bear with) what those issues entail. If issues become resolved throughout the day, as they happen, there is no need (or little need) to dream whatsoever.
    I am very appreciative about your pursuit involving meditation. However, I do not feel that it is something that one can practice (like doing once a week, as you say)… nor is it the result of any formulated procedure. Most people who “practice meditation” are really unwittingly engaging in a form of self-hypnosis.


    • Thanks Thomas, I appreciate your taking the time to comment. I too think that dreams are to bring order out of daily happenings, but I also believe there is more to it, I think there is a LOT we don’t even know about dreams. Also, I meditate on a daily basis, for 20 minutes before I leave the house in the morning, I guess I did kind of make it confusing in this post mentioning my group meditation — that is only one day out of the week. For me meditation has brought me a clearing of the mind that I have never had before in my life, meditation brings me peace and clarity — I think you can’t really go wrong if it brings you that. I don’t believe that my meditation practice is a form of “self-hypnosis”, we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. I suppose it would be a boring world though if we all thought alike, so I appreciate your different outlook, thank you!


      • Yes, let’s agree to disagree! At least we are both looking into something regarding understanding beyond regular day-to-day run-of-the-mill baloney! Thank goodness for that!!!
        (When I was young, relatively speaking, I used to attend meditation sessions much like the type you describe.) 😉


  4. Sounds like incredible imagery, Ilona. When I first read your description, I caught an image of what it sometimes looks like from an airplane window seat as the plane is tens of thousands of feet up in the air, hovering over cloud formations.

    I can’t say I’ve ever experienced this. In comparison to the experiences you’ve shared, it would seem that I’m very earthbound when it comes to meditation.


    • Thanks Gina! I honestly don’t intend for these experiences to happen, they always take me by surprise. I am going to make an intention every time I meditate from now on to stay in the body! In the dream world though, sometimes it seems we can’t control it….


  5. This is inspiring me to write something on the topic, for it is near and dear to me. This way, I can comment without using YOUR space in comments….but suffice to say that through dream you can and do build your capacity for energy and awareness of more states of being and that the OOBE can be one way. Some of my most significant energetic expansions have been related to OOBE and dreams…together and apart. Sometimes, it seems, being able to get out of the body can have a freeing effect on us. I predict you are on the edge of something important and will see over the coming months more of this entering into your conscious work/practice. You have begun to pluck fruit from the further edges of your own cosmic fruit tree.


    • Thanks so much for your comment Parker and I am so glad to hear that this post is creating an inspiration for you to write about the topic. I can’t wait to read your writings about it! And thank you so much for your prediction on the coming months with more of this entering my conscious work/practice, as I have had the same feeling and that means a lot to me that you said that. Keep in touch and enjoy your journey! Love and light to you. 🙂 –Ilona


  6. I had the craziest one (dreamish thing) last night. I was half asleep after reading someone’s take on Indigos and wondering how many times I had incarnated on Earth. I suddenly got this memory that I was supposed to have incarnated in my mother’s position, but then we switched. She was doing me a favor…being a First Wave Indigo.

    The intensity of this is still hitting me a bit, but in the serene meditative moment I just accepted it and asked about earlier incarnations here…the intuition is harder to grasp (more complicated than the first one??). I was here but it was way different, is all I’m getting. I wonder if it’s Lemuria, as I’ve had extremely strong reactions there…

    So fascinating!


    • Wow, that’s intense! I like the way you called it a “dreamish” thing, haha….sometimes I feel that these kind of experiences feel more real than “reality” so to call it a dream can feel so wrong. That is so interesting and sounds like your soul was downloading some information for you. We have a LOT to talk about come Sunday, haha….


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