Tuesday night meditation.



–Norman Vincent Peale

During my one-night-a-week group meditation (the energy of meditating in a group is amazing by the way) I had some really cool experiences.  The first cool happening was that my teacher mentioned during the guided part of our meditation that one of her favorite meditation teachers always mentioned “stay grounded in your body because it is easy to leave it while meditating and if that happens, you’re no longer aware and staying present.”  I really thought that was interesting she brought that up since I had exactly that experience (of leaving the body) just a few days prior while meditating.


The other interesting happening during this particular Tuesday night sitting was that I felt a strong tingling/tickling on my forehead and eventually it was so strong of a sensation that it felt as if a floodgate opened in my forehead and blood was just gushing in a circle in the middle of my forehead, it lasted for the rest of my sitting.  It is said that meditating activates the pineal gland in your brain which is located around the area I felt this sensation (also known as the third eye chakra.)  It wasn’t uncomfortable in the least bit, it was more so of a comfort in a way…..it was just very cool.


The third neat-o part of this meditation (and probably my favorite part) was another student in the class mentioned that since he has started to meditate on a more regular basis, he has noticed a tremendous positive change in his life.  He said he has been noticing negative thinking patterns a lot more and he’s been able to catch himself before getting wrapped up in a negative spiral.  He said that he has just felt incredible moments of calm and peace.  He said his teen-aged kids have been noticing his change and he has been getting along with them better than he ever has before.  He then caught my eye, pointed at me and said “yeah, actually, this has all been since a few weeks ago after you mentioned that you meditate for 20 minutes in the morning.  It inspired me, I had been doing it off and on when I had time in the evening, but ever since you mentioned that, I have been waking up 20 minutes earlier than usual to meditate and it has been great.”


That right there was proof to me that this has been starting a postive domino affect.  I had mentioned in my first post that doing this for myself is really going to benefit many others, it’s a positive echo out into the world.  Just one person saying that I inspired them means the world to me, because when it comes down to it….I’m doing this meditation for all of us, as a whole.



2 comments on “Tuesday night meditation.

  1. This is a great post, Ilona. How synchronous that your teacher advised not “leaving your body” during meditation. I find it amusing that you then decided to “stay” and the floodgate in your third eye chakra opened. 😉


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