Don’t Forget to Breathe!

The last couple of days have been rough.  Even though I have started my day out with a twenty-minute meditation, the stress doesn’t care.  My work has been ultra busy and I have noticed myself easily slipping back into old anxious thinking patterns.  It doesn’t help that no matter how many people I encounter or talk to in a day, I have an extreme sense of loneliness.  Mostly lonely in the sense of, am I the only one trying to be spiritual in a very physical and materialistic world?  I know that’s not true, I’m not unique in partaking the spiritual side to life, sometimes it just feels that way.


As I was shuffling through papers on my desk at work today, worrying about whether I have forgotten to do something or didn’t say the right thing to someone, picking at my lips, I paused and realized I couldn’t remember the last time I noticed my breath.  At that exact moment, I put everything on my desk down, took my hands away from pushing on my cheek, took my teeth away from picking at the inside of my cheek and just took a long breath in, that helped tremendously.  From that moment on to the rest of the afternoon I kept remembering to never forget about the breath.


Also, I have found it extremely helpful to just count a few things to be grateful for (although I know there is so much more than just a few things.)  It really takes things into perspective, always.  I got a free carmel latte at work, I used all four of my limbs to have a good workout after work and I have a kitchen filled with food.  I am blessed.


Peace and love!


7 comments on “Don’t Forget to Breathe!

  1. One is never alone in the ‘stillness’…meditation opens the door to the World of Spirit where you can enjoy companionship on a different level, not only from souls who have transitioned, but also with your Spirit Guides and the Masters. Happy travels! And thanks for the follow.


  2. To me, this post is a good reminder of two main points: (1) Meditation doesn’t make “the daily grind” go away, but a consistent practice does make it easier to endure and (2) It can be helpful to check your intentions. For example, you’d asked: “Am I the only one trying to be spiritual in a very . . . materialistic world?” Even though it’s not, what if the answer were “yes”? Would you still meditate? 😉


    • You are so right Gina! It’s crazy, at my new job I couldn’t believe how in the first couple of weeks how calmly I was reacting to the stressful training process….meditation has changed my reactions to certain situations immensely and while it will never make life “happily ever after”, it does create a positivity and optimisim that I might have easly resisted in the past. And you are right: intention is HUGE, my answer to your second point would be YES, I would definitely still meditate. 🙂


  3. These are the posts that really teach. They bring the ideal into modern living, finding a way in this world is the real path, and not 100 other blogs filled with spiritual ‘advice’. People need to know what the trenches of life are like. Great post.


    • Awwww,thank you so much for stopping by and reading! Your comment means a lot to me, thank you. I hope to teach people everything I am learning, hopefully they will listen or absorb some of it. 🙂


  4. What a great thing to have blogs so that we can connect with other like-minded individuals. I enjoyed reading your post and thanks for visiting my blog and the positive comments. I see it as we are all on a spiritual path just by living, just that some are more conscious than others. But all paths lead home :o) Meditation is such a wonderful practice and so is appreciating our blessings. If I miss my meditation I really notice a difference – i start to lose my centredness!!
    Happy New Year to you.


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