Observation Number Eight.

I am actually kind of losing track of the days while doing this, so I think instead of doing a daily update, I’m going to just jot down observations that seem pretty interesting to me.

I am noticing that I am becoming hyper-aware of sensations.  I went for a jog yesterday and the colors around my neighborhood seemed so vivid and the sounds of birds chirping and dogs barking seemed so incredibly loud.  I get this feeling as if I have been “asleep” for a long time and meditation is reactivating my awakening.

I went to a house party later in the night and while it was fun to socialize, I felt completely overwhelmed by all the energy around me.  In the past I would resort to getting drunk to numb out the overwhelming feeling of being in such an extroverted setting, but I have not had any desire to drink since getting more into meditation.  In fact when I do have a couple of drinks, I get the feeling of wanting to take them back, I want my FULL senses back and even a drink or two dulls the vivid senses I have been feeling more of.

One last observation is that with meditation, synchronicities seem to happen on a much more frequent basis.  One example that happened this morning was that I heard this song at my gym where the lyrics immediately jumped out at me and upon Googling the lyrics when I got home I got chills up and down my spine because it is EXACTLY what I have been feeling and thinking lately.  The main message I have been getting from within is that there is nothing to fear and as long as you do everything out of LOVE, you have nothing to fear.

“What Your Soul Sings”

Don’t be afraid, open your mouth and say, say what your soul sings to you.
Your mind can never change unless you ask it to.  Lovingly re-arrange the thoughts that make you blue.
The things that bring you down only do harm to you and so make your choice joy, the joy belongs to you.
And when you do, you’ll find the one you love is you, you’ll find you love you .
Don’t be ashamed no, to open your heart and pray, say what your soul sings to you.
So no longer pretend that you can’t feel it near, that tickle on your hand, that tingle in your ear.
Oh ask it anything because it loves you dear. It’s your most precious king If only you could hear.
And when you do, you’ll find the one you need is you, you’ll find you love you.
–Massive Attack

2 comments on “Observation Number Eight.

  1. Meditation helps me remember that each moment is precious. And when each moment is precious, you start to see the connection.

    I’ve actually felt a little numb all day to life. Not sure why. Some days are just like that.


    • Yes, that is so true Gina! Sometimes I stress myself out trying to stay in the moment because I can’t pinpoint on what moment I should be concentrating on, lol. Maybe that’s just my A.D.D. and anxiety….either way, I have come to the conclusion that the point isn’t to get stressed out. I just embrace each breath and that seems to help me realize each miniscule moment. Some days are definitely better than others when it comes to the game of life. Some moments are so much better than other moments….


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