Day Six and Seven.

  “Well I lost my pride, with this body of mine….in another land, I began to understand.” –Awolnation

My computer is on it’s last legs and it wasn’t letting me post on Day 6…..just have to roll with the punches and work with what I have.  🙂

Last night I reached an incredibly deep state of meditation, I felt that I was floating above my body and in this formless land.  It was just bright white light and I was absorbed by it and it felt so peaceful.  It was pure love and peace I felt, it was amazing.  I had to open my eyes though because at one point, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to get back into my body.    However, I know that to reach this state is not the point of meditation, I somewhat lost myself and lost my concentration.

In the book “Small Boat Great Mountain” by Amaro Bhikkhu, this subject gets touched upon:

“Incidentally, this is why in Buddhist meditation circles there’s often a warning about deep states of absorption.  When one is in one, it can be very difficult to develop insight–much more so than when the mind is somewhat less intensely concentrated… cosmological terms, the best place for liberation is in the human realm.  There’s a good mixture of suffering and bliss, happiness and unhappiness here.  If we are off in the deva realms, it’s difficult to become liberated because it’s like being at an ongoing party….up in the brahma realms it’s even worse.  Who is going to come back down to grubby old earth and deal with tax returns and building permits?”

This made a lot of sense to me because I felt so incredibly good in the state I was in that I almost didn’t want to go back into my body, but I was also having a bit of fear because I felt so detached, it was so foreign to me that I wasn’t sure what would happen next.  While this plane of existence on Earth is really tough, with all of the pain, suffering, dirt and grime….it is also gorgeous and absolutely wonderful at times.  I am not ready to leave this plane of existence, I have a lot to learn yet….

6 comments on “Day Six and Seven.

  1. Wow! I’m fascinated . . . I rarely have this experience while meditating. Dreaming, yes, but meditating not so much. Almost sounds like Astral Projection.

    And I like the quote you included.

    I find it very symbolic that the Buddha obtained enlightenment under a tree.

    I love the symbolism of trees in that they reach for the heavens, all the while remaining firmly rooted to the earth.


    • Thanks Gina! Yeah, I have had it while dreaming too and I have it before while meditating, but never to this extent….it was otherworldly! And that is awesome about his enlightenment while under a tree, the tree pose is one of my favs in yoga! 🙂


  2. The fact that there are sub-categories to follow on this site is crazy enough for me!!! Haha. But you certainly aren’t crazy–according to my abpsyche teacher (who has a PHD), psychological disorders aren’t so much disorders as they are extreme cases of personality–or lack thereof. Maybe you have more personality in some of the spectrums of personality, or maybe you’re more accepting of the fact that the human race knows nothing and we’ve a lot to learn. Most facets of life (as well as death) are yet to be explained. Yes, life is a frighteningly strange wonder, but you’ve got to take the training wheels off to accept it.

    Heart Heart.


  3. “Incidentally, this is why in Buddhist meditation circles there’s often a warning about deep states of absorption…” Very interesting quote. I have been doing Vipassana since I was a teenager & this comment is something I have sense but never heard someone put out so clearly. Best of luck for your blog. If you do get some time, do spend some time exploring the dashboard & backend of the blog to allow people to comment on the homepage etc. Happy to help if you need anything.


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