Feeling Some Good Vibes….


Feeling so many good vibes today. So many ideas and concepts are coming to me. Vast, eternal, life is so much more in this new mind frame. Layers are shedding off. I am realizing how much easier life is when you let go of attachments. You can read a ton of books and blogs about walking this path, but oh boy is it amazing to FEEL IT! I am so grateful, sooooooooooo grateful to have stumbled into the world of meditation. The planes I reach through it vary, sometimes I go back to lower vibrations: to the feeling of wanting this or that, not being where I am supposed to be…..but when I reach these good vibes, I remember.

I want every single living thing to understand what it is I am feeling–that’s a bit of an attachment, a want.

I want to scream to the world what I finally understand, but I don’t even think that words can explain it and since everyone is experiencing reality different, my words will only resonate with some.

Much Love All!


Walking Revelations…

Yesterday afternoon I went for a two hour walk with a new friend at Forest Park, one of the biggest urban parks in the U.S. located right in the city of Portland, OR. Getting started on the walk, I noticed my sense of thinking forward, as in “I’m feeling kind of lazy and a little down today, I hope this is a quick walk.” Right as I noticed myself having those thoughts I snapped out of it. Noticing how vast this forest was, the happy dogs and people passing us by, I thought, “why would I ever want this to pass me by without taking it all in?” I’m truly starting to get the sense of what “being awake” really means, it’s definitely not wishing for time to speed up so that you can get to another desire, it’s not to dwell on the past and think of things you miss….it’s being fully present in the moment (even if the moment seems treacherous or daunting.)

As our walk went on, we had some of the most intense and deep life talks that I have had with anyone in a while. It was an incredibly meditative walk, the two hours actually ended up feeling like 20 minutes and we both came up with some deep realizations and revelations.

Walking, although it’s pretty simple, can do some amazing things to our body and brain. Last Friday I took a half an hour walk around the block and although I started it in the same thinking mode as yesterday, the whole “I can’t wait until I get this done with,” after just 10 minutes thoughts started just flowing and I wrote all of this down when I got back to my house:

–When something is really upsetting you, or you can’t get your mind past the worry of it, remember that you were a baby at one point….right now, who you are is only temporary….so why let something get you down when you know that EVERYthing is temporary. Don’t waste that energy, let things pass and everything will become lighter.

–If you gain control of your thinking/analytical mind and realize that it has no power over you, you open yourself up to a world you have never noticed before.

–If you let go of the ego, nothing will hurt you anymore…you will have no regrets in what you tell people.

–If you quiet that incessant chatter in your mind, you really start to notice amazing things that you, at one point, took for granted: the way a shadow looks against the sidewalk, the shine on your dining room table when the sun is blaring down on it, the way the moon appears at 3:30 in the afternoon: as if it was drawn onto the sky with a small piece of chalk.

–If you are ever in a negative funk or you feel you are alone, realize that you can never be alone because you are all that you see and every living thing is part of you.

Easier said than done with a lot of this and of course many of these thoughts have already been stated, but remaining present and realizing everything is temporary….moments don’t own you, is ever helpful to remember.

Peace and love,
Ilona 🙂

P.S. in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day, I want to leave this with one of my favorite quotes of his:

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”


Blog on Fire Award

I have been recently enlightened on the process of being nominated with a blog award. I am so incredibly new to the blogging world that I didn’t know you can get blog awards from other bloggers, I also am still trying to figure out how to put the award on the sidebar of my blog-site, haha. I really want to send out a huge “thank you!!” to the person who nominated me: Gina, creator of the blog: Iridescently:!/read/blog/id/3217531/

I have also been enlightened to blogger award etiquette while being nominated with this fine award. Rules are: you must acknowledge the person who nominated you, share a few interesting facts about yourself and then pass along the award to some other blogs that you might frequent.

So, as much as I don’t like boasting about myself, here is a few interesting facts that I will share about myself as being Ilona:

1.) I was named after my Hungarian Grandmother, who made her way over to the U.S.A. from Hungary through hell and highstorm in 1956 with her two sons and husband.

2.) I was born in Washington DC, raised in Minnesota, and now reside in Portland, OR.

3.) I got my tongue pierced before I got my ears pierced.

And now, for the fun part, I would like to nominate the following blogs that I frequent on a weekly basis:

A Year of Meditating:!/read/blog/id/30994237/

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That was incredibly tough decision making, with just how many inspiring blogs I follow, P.S. these were given in no particular order.

Thanks to everyone out there for your inspiration and support!

Peace and love 🙂