Feeling Some Good Vibes….


Feeling so many good vibes today. So many ideas and concepts are coming to me. Vast, eternal, life is so much more in this new mind frame. Layers are shedding off. I am realizing how much easier life is when you let go of attachments. You can read a ton of books and blogs about walking this path, but oh boy is it amazing to FEEL IT! I am so grateful, sooooooooooo grateful to have stumbled into the world of meditation. The planes I reach through it vary, sometimes I go back to lower vibrations: to the feeling of wanting this or that, not being where I am supposed to be…..but when I reach these good vibes, I remember.

I want every single living thing to understand what it is I am feeling–that’s a bit of an attachment, a want.

I want to scream to the world what I finally understand, but I don’t even think that words can explain it and since everyone is experiencing reality different, my words will only resonate with some.

Much Love All!

13 comments on “Feeling Some Good Vibes….

  1. You are on a less traveled path. A spiritual path tends to be a alone path not a lonely path. I enjoy reading your words! I am following your words.


    • Yes, you are right on! I am so grateful for this community that I have found on WordPress, the spiritual community is huge! I think it’s probably a lot more common outside of WordPress as well, just not brought up as much….but our paths are all our own as well I suppose, we all are experiencing it in our unique way. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  2. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.


  3. YES! The world you visit when meditating is immensely profound; profounder than profound. One cannot but ask why and how did I ever miss this. We walk all day inside our heads, thinking and thinking but when we do not think but let our spirits flow – life suddenly makes sense. I try to put these feeling into words, I write blogs about it, poems, even spoken word but nothing captures “it” but feeling it for yourself. Beautiful post you have here!


    • Thank you so very much! You are right on about the walking around all day think, think, thinking it away, but not actually LIVING it. I still catch myself thinking in circles in my head, but since I have been blessed to have stumbled into the world of meditation, I now catch myself when I’m thinking too much. At certain points, you become such an observer that you find the analytical mind to just be funny, as in “haha, there it goes again..trying to go in a loop about the most ridiculous things” and you find out how much it likes to make up stories. I can’t wait to check out your writings! 🙂


      • Yes! The circles of stories that the mind makes up over and over again become quite a nuisance once you become aware – It is sort of an addiction. So true, once I catch myself, I always chuckle in amusement.


  4. I hear you! These moments of clarity are even more beautiful when juxtaposed with suffering that often leads to them. Once awakening like this has begun it is irreversible and will increase in frequency and intensity.


    • Yes, so true! We go through rough times to become stronger and to be more open and also to be grateful for the good in our life. I completely agree, there is no turning back once certain doors have opened. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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