Awareness Heightened

Since starting my daily practice, things pop out at me or fascinate me like never before. Sometimes I feel as if I’m a baby again and this world seems so new and curious.

When I went for a jog yesterday I noticed a squirrel on a tree limb happily chewing away at some food and staring at me as it did it, I was so amazed that it wasn’t scared of me as I jogged past it. As I kept jogging, I felt super awake and just kept noticing how much would change with each time my right or left foot would land on the ground. Right foot down and I notice a happy mom and her energetic toddler walk past me, left foot down and I see a rusted pick-up truck turn the corner, right foot down a crow flys past me, left foot down I notice a hooded-man sitting on the park bench.

This constant awareness of everything, there is so much to be an awe of, how could one ever say they are bored? I used to say that as a restless teenager, but if I only knew back then. No regrets though, I’m so happy that I have been lost at one point so I know how it feels to be found again.

It’s in almost every moment I notice things more. As I sat in my car the other night, having a little bite to eat before heading into a class, there was a natural made disco-party of some sort going on in my car. I know it sounds funny, but I had music playing and the streetlight above my car made the rain-drop shadows from my windshield move amongst my car as if they were lights from a disco ball. I just sat there an awe and felt so grateful that for one: I even noticed it and for two: that I could find joy and beauty in such a simple moment.

Peace and love! 🙂

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