I never want fame, nor fortune. I just want people to know something and spread messages in a cosmic tidal wave. I want people to know that they have the power. It never was anyone else’s fault.

I don’t want a successful career, I don’t want to own a house, I don’t want 2.5 kids and a white picket fence, I just want to be a light for a little while, until I dim out.

This is all I am, this is what I do.

This dimension has been really tough and dense, but I am in it right now, so here goes….

It’s time to stop busying myself, and time to share.

Everything in my life, the “good” and the “bad” has come together full circle, into this wheel of life. I am realizing it all had to happen, for me to come to this moment of now…where I am sharing parts of my soul that I feared ever sharing before, in hopes that it will help someone, even just one person out there who might be feeling alone.

I have been addicted to cigarettes, addicted to pills, addicted to lovers, addicted to technology, addicted to caffeine, and after putting a halt to each addiction, I come back to that same empty hole. The hole is felt in those spaces in between. The spaces where you feel all alone, where you feel bored or hopeless. The spaces pass though and if you face those spaces and “holes” within, you move up and above to a buoyant space where it all makes sense.

I am coming into my power and nothing can stop me now.

Walls Crumbling Down…

12 comments on “Walls Crumbling Down…

  1. I have two comments. First, that is a beautiful picture; I love it. Second, I admire your courage– it’s difficult to write from the heart, because doing so makes one vulnerable. I guess I have more than two comments. What you said about addiction resonanted strongly with me because my life has been a nasty web of dangerous addictions. You sound like you’re on the mend and I wish you the best.


  2. Thank you so much…I snapped that picture as a friend and I were road tripping through Idaho and a lot of people have told me their love for it, it was a surreal foggy morning and perfect timing to capture the beauty 🙂 Thank you so much for the sweet comment, that means a lot to me. You are right it makes me feel super vulnerable, but it’s the price I will pay to follow my heart and in the end….if people are mean or hurtful about stuff I say, that’s okay because if it helps just ONE person I will have accomplished what I set out to do. Thanks for your wishes. Blessings and best of wishes to you and your journey!


  3. Wow, I can see myself in this post! Thank you for being so honest. Sounds like you are on a wonderful journey, good luck!


    • Thank you for reading and for the kind words…that means a lot to me. I think we all have so much in common, more so than we talk about when we meet people initially. I think addiction is pretty common nature when it comes to being a human being, we are creatures of habit, that is for sure. I am glad you could relate to the post. And thanks, good luck and blessings with your journey as well!


  4. Thank I needed to read this post. I have avoided listening to my soul because I was afraid I wasn’t strong enough to be that vulnerable. It helps to read that others are on similar journeys. Thank for the follow, I am honored. 😀


  5. Thank you Colleen! I am so happy to hear this post helped you! Yes…I know exactly what you mean about the part of avoiding listening to the soul. As time keeps moving on and seemingly going faster as we are getting older, the more I realize I want to share and help others as much as possible….and to do that, I wear my heart on my sleeve and risk getting hurt. Reading about others’ journeys has really helped in opening up to share mine. Thanks for stopping by and hope you are having a great day 🙂


  6. Hey!

    You wrote: “This is all I want, this is what I came here to do.”

    If I may suggest an alternate perspective I’d rephrase that like this: “This is all I am, this is what I do.”

    I’m happy you’ve found me… and I you.


  7. Thank you so much for sharing. You are an incredible communicator. Your words literally pull at my heart, opening it up to others who might be feeling the same things. Thanks so much for the great post!


    • Awwww, that means so much to me! You made my day with your sweet comment. That it resonates with you and pulled at your heart means that I got across the message that I was trying to get across :). Thanks for stopping by. Blessings!


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