“The universe is full of magical things patiently
waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”

~Eden Phillpotts
(also attributed to William Butler Yeats)

Such an important subject to bring into daily life: gratitude, moment to moment.  There is never a reason to get stuck in negativity when this world has so much to be grateful for and to be in awe of.  I can name five things right now that I am so ever grateful for:

1.) My breakfast, I’m taking in every bite of it, being thankful for the elements on Earth that helped it to grow, the people that worked hard to help it to grow, the people that delivered it to the grocery store, the workers at the grocery store that stocked it, the lady at the register that carefully placed it in my grocery bag… have this bowl of nourishment in front of me, it took a lot to get it here.

2.) My best friend of 16 years called to talk this morning, the strong connection I have to her and her daughter.  The other perspective that she gave me this morning about a situation I was stressing out about, so grateful to have supporters to help me open my eyes to other perspectives that wouldn’t have even crossed my mind.

3.) The double windows in my bedroom showing the backyard as a snow globe, snowflakes twinkling down onto Oregon ground.

4.) My health, my body’s amazing machine-work of keeping me healthy so that I can enjoy this day.

5.) The clean drinking water I have to sip on and to get it, all I have to do is walk 15 feet to my kitchen and lift a handle to the faucet, out comes clean drinking water.

What gets me in negative thinking and fear-mode is knowing that so many people on Earth don’t have this blessed life, so many people are suffering, and for what?  So that only a small percentage of us can have such blessed lives?  What gets me down is feeling so helpless, I want the whole world to be blessed. I will continue on this path and do all that I can do in my power to make this world a better place before I leave it.

3 comments on “Grateful.

  1. Gratitude. The Source provides. We, partake. It is the flow. Everything comes from the Source. There are Laws of the Universe. Knowing this is the best and easiest part. Learning them is another matter. That is the path. What they are, and then how to use them. The wisdom to know when and how. Glad you didn’t bite off more than you can chew. Lol. Meditation, ,Lazure.


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