Thanksgiving Weekend.

Wow, the holiday season, what a way to throw routine to the wind.  I was graciously taken in on Thanksgiving by roomy’s family in Idaho.  It was a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and I was really grateful to have people to spend it with, but my meditation routine definitely wasn’t quite the same.  I ended up meditating in the car (not telling my roomy that’s what I was doing, I still am a little shy to announce my meditation addiction…) on the way to Idaho, but it wasn’t quite the same.  I’d also wake up at her family’s place and meditate for 20 minutes before getting up out of bed, but lying down while meditating usually means I drift off to sleep a bit, so it wasn’t the most fruitful of meditations.

I am finding though that even just trying to meditate is at least putting forth an effort and a good intention.  I am glad to get back into my usual routine and am ready to continue on……

2 comments on “Thanksgiving Weekend.

    • It was super in Idaho. I told Devona the other day that I’m going to replace the word “cool” with “super” lol, because that word just doesn’t get used enough. I will send you some pics!


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