The Power of Writing Things Down

“1.) Go to my dad’s homeland of Budapest, Hungary.

2.) Run a 5k.

3.) Live on the West Coast of the United States….”

I sat in awe as I recently read over some of my list in which I had entitled “Things that I want to accomplish before the age of 30.”  A few of the items on the list that I had numbered to 10 didn’t occur, but I smiled to myself as I realized that I was able to check off more than half of them.  We have all heard it before I am sure, so many self-help guides and motivational speakers talk about the power of writing things down and then watching how they manifest, but to actually see that it has happened is a very magical feeling.  Holding that list in my hands was proof that this idea really had come true for me.

To think that at one point I held such anxiety thinking about how many things that I wanted to accomplish in my life and having fear that none of them would happen.  And then I looked over this old list I had written down and it hit me that a lot of that anxiety was a waste because the experiences that I wanted, had happened.  Here was the kicker though…I got some of those experiences that I always wanted, but I found out that I didn’t even necessarily like the specific experience or it didn’t give me the feeling that I thought I was looking for.  The biggest thing that I discovered was that no matter what, they were all just passing experiences.

Most currently I have decided to write down a six month plan as taken from Timothy Ferriss’ “The Four Hour Work Week.”  In it, he suggests writing down six different things that you want to “be, do or have” and then from that list, pick just a few.  I think breaking it down like that makes a goal seem a lot more attainable.  There is also more of a focus, I can get into so many different things at one time that I find it best to just go after a few clearly defined goals.  On mostly a daily basis I have been writing three intentions that I have for either that day or the following day and they can be as simple as “tomorrow I intend to go on a three mile run.”  I find in doing this, that more often than not I accomplish all of those intentions.

There is something truly powerful about taking a pen to a piece of paper and writing down what it is that you want to be, do, or have.  It is definitely a forgotten practice in our busy technology-focused world.  I am very grateful to be taking the time to take up this wonderful practice again.  I have taken it a bit further too…every Sunday I have been writing down what I would like to accomplish for the week ahead and on the last day of the month I have been writing down three things that I would like to accomplish for the next month.

Anyhow, hope you can give this wonderful practice a shot and please share with me any of your experiences.

Peace :)!

11 comments on “The Power of Writing Things Down

  1. You are all over it my friend. Writing down, a real thing. A recent one just hit yesterday. House, sold. While in Korea I wrote a letter to my friends congratulating them on selling their home….been trying to sell for two years. Sue closes on Tuesday. Whatever you want, write it down, what matters most to you. Near or far, you have to have patience and Work for it. The Universe is like a mirror. Reflect. (and that letter I wrote to them, I wrote six months ago, I was reading it every morning to a picture of them in Korea…..and eventually I knew it by heart so I was saying the letter before by gratitude prayer lol.

    Thank you for another amazing post Ilonca!


    • Rose! You are living your dream! Have you seen your Blog, can I come work for you, etc etc etc. I am SO close to leaving the Army. Next year baby, 22yrs, but my friends and I are in a start up Amazon biz. Ori has ideas which are Awesome. Not mine obviously, just the muscle lol. It all goes down on paper, then we make it happen. Cheap compass for All Life Goals
      Anyway! Thank you Rose, great name too!


  2. Love this post! I used to write so many journals and intentions but have gotten out of that habit these past couple years. Thanks for the reminder of how powerful our written thoughts and intentions are. When I have found lists I’ve previously written, I’m always amazed at how much came to pass… time to write some more ❤ Aleya


  3. Nice Aleya, you have a lot of of cool experience with you as well! Finally I had a friend close her other house TODAY (yay) and I had been reciting a letter for a while, and the joy and the gratitude, and how much she gave to that family to live there for free for months…, and still getting more than she expected. We lit a Chinese lantern for luck to lift off for loftier good and greatness and well we chased it for a while, eventually threw it into a nearby pond lol. And laughed. It is not about disappoint or expected despair. It is Joy. No matter what.


  4. I concur on the writing down. It seems when I really get serious, I do take on that practice more. My day starts with something akin to Julia Cameron’s morning pages where I just write a sort of stream of consciousness when I first get up. Since retiring last August, I have also written and mailed a note to someone for thanks or just to say hello. I have also found that bullet journals are an excellent way of tracking and preparing for life as opposed to my often times m.o. of just being a ball in the pinball machine going who knows where. It seems that writing it down also frees my head to be more mindful and intentional in all of my life.

    Thanks very much for sharing.


    • I love Julia Cameron’s work, I read a lot of it in the beginning of my spiritual awakening…thanks for the throw back! What is this bullet journal that you speak of? I have never heard of it?! Thanks so much for reading and for your wise words! Peace 🙂


  5. Here is a link to the bullet journal website:

    There are also a ton of youtube videos that have different variations and applications for bullet journals. The important point I find with these is that one is not dogmatic, but takes the basic bullet journal concept and adapt it to their needs, and realize it takes a while to figure out how best to do that. In other words, some folks I have been with on this want their bullet journals to be beautiful and perfect works of art. Mine are very messy as I adapt to the questions/activities that I need to deal with.


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