Nooooo, Don’t Fit Me Into a Box, I’m Flowing…..


Is that word not beautiful?  I love the word flow.  This blog post is going to be strictly flow.  I sat down with intentions to write a blog post and immediately my brain started thinking “what am I going to write about?  What hasn’t been said?  Should I write on a specific meditation-type subject since that is what my blog website is supposed to be about?”  And then I just opened up my laptop and started typing and that’s what this is right now.  So, hey guys!  I don’t know what is going to come of this, but I am just going to keep on typing without worrying about what is going to come next.  It is funny because I feel my mind freaking out a bit going, “but wait there has to be structure to this, right?  No one is going to like this if there is no linear structure…”


But for real, who cares?!  I am sick of always having to be linear about everything. Today is Sunday because they say it is, but who is “they” might I ask?  Isn’t this actually just a moment in time that I’m experiencing simultaneously with the two teenagers holding onto their frappes and walking out the exit to the right of me?




Let’s go with it more.  Can we?  I am doing right now what my favorite author in the world, Jack Kerouac did: stream of consciousness writing.  That is truly what life is.  It is all a stream of consciousness (i.e. flow.)  Then some linear-fashioned thinker that wanted power and control had to go and make up this annoying thing called time and calendars and now we have been under its influence for so long, we don’t know another way, but the ancients knew of a different way.. and I think we need to think more like them.


The little girl who just walked by me and told her mom “I love you mommy” as they walked out the exit of the book store, that moment was so beautiful.  Who cares if it happened at 3pm on a Sunday or 12pm on a Tuesday, it happened NOW and that’s the most important part.




Okay, at this point you might be reading this and question if I just dosed myself with some LSD or have lost my mind.  I can assure you I didn’t on the former, the latter is questionable.  Hehe, I think that’s what more people need to actually do though, I think they need to lose their mind to accept the concept that time is not what we have been led to believe.  Time is much different, time is much more multidimensional.


Okay, I just got thrown off.  The friend that I am with at this book store had an old neighbor come up to us, start telling us about how her boobs are shrinking because she isn’t having orgasms anymore and that I should Google that fact, because it is a true one.  Woah.  That was a little distracting and I definitely lost my focus as I was typing in the flow here…but hey!  That is life.  That is what happens, there are many uncomfortable and strange moments that you don’t plan for, but they happen…they flow.  I think that the more that we can get comfortable with the idea of flow, the more we can let go of the old and come into the new.


What do you think?!


Thanks for reading this particularly random post if you have gotten this far 🙂


Peace! 🙂

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