Revamping before 33!

The road to 33 is looking good!

I have gotten so off track from my initial intentions with what I wanted to do with this blog, but that is going to change!  When I started this blog (gasp) almost five years ago I entitled it “Ilona’s Meditation Challenge” because that’s what it was going to be.  My original plan was to write down what I noticed from starting a daily 20-minute meditation practice and it kind of twisted and turned into something completely different, it became a bit more random.  That’s okay though because from it I have gained a ton of blogging friends and acquaintances.  I would like to steer this blog vehicle though back on track and keep at it.

With my 33rd birthday coming around the corner it has hit me that I truly am not getting any younger here.  So with that, I want to work on sharing a blog post at least once a week about all things MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!  I want to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves, to help remind them that WE CAN CHANGE OUR WAYS and that IT IS NEVER TOO LATE.  The only way that we can make that truly happen though is to have the desire to change, that is the first step.

So in the coming weeks, I will be challenging myself (as my blog page is now accurately named) to post one blog post per week that has everything to do with: meditation, healthy eating, exercise, and anything else that you can think of that helps to heal MIND, BODY, AND SOUL.  I am going to release any guilt that I have held onto about wasting time or any ways in which I have been unconscious.  I want to change within, bring it out into the world and inspire others if they too have this similar goal.

Please join me in these coming weeks.  I plan on sharing what I notice with my two daily meditations (I have now been meditating for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening.) I will be sharing book reviews (I am currently reading When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron.) I will be recording guided meditations for you to listen to and try out. I might even try my hand at making a video or two!

The point is, we are all in this together.  Everything is truly connected and everything we thought we knew is not going to last.  So let’s prepare ourselves now so as not to freak out when the crumbling begins (which it has already started a bit anyhow.). Let’s become more conscious together.  Let’s take a look at our bullshit stories that keep running/ruining our lives and transform them.  Please take my hand and cross this river with me.

From my jog this morning:

Amen to that!!!!!

8 comments on “Revamping before 33!

  1. Wow! 33………….***whimsically looks back*** Happy “close to your” Birthday, Ilona, as you do not advertise “when” it is. I have the fortunate opportunity to always advertise mine…111. 11 Jan (I think people think I just took a cool number…which is my birthday haha). I never really appreciated the meaning of that until the past few years. And apologies, I was on this huge touring Asia kick and blog, and then, Life happens. Unfortunately my tour in Korea ends next month and will have to settle with retirement in my retirement state of choice…Texas. I was thinking I was going to tour all around Asia and all I got was a Retiring in Texas tee shirt. Which is still cool by the way, and a, extremely grateful for. My branch manager went to lengths to get me this position to retire from, and to him I owe a debt of gratitude.
    I am REALLY excited to come back. Even more so than the three years I spent in Germany (minus one in Iraq) and now a year in Korea. I remember the extreme gratitude I felt coming home after Afghanistan. after, Germany/Iraq, and now…..I finally “saw” the world. A 22yr old kid joining the Marines, seeing the “world” in 92. And now just a person who has aged more, saw the world, and still knows nothing. Nothing.
    I truly admire your journey, and will briefly tell you one of mine here. Never been written or thought of for years, pre-1992…………A boy and his Tandy Radio Shack computer. First off…I got my first computer in 1982, a Commodore vic-20. I was 12 and learned how to type, pecking away by myself. I was quite the programmer. Writing all kinds of stuff. Mainly games. Story games. Do this, choose that, and Then etc. By 1991, modems had been around for a while, I remember War Games with Matthew Broderick, always wanted the modem. So by age 21 I was able to afford one and a $2,000 computer from my crappy factory job I saved up for to buy. That 2,000 dollar Tandy was cream of the crop…with modem. There were three main companies then and I went with the one I felt had the most potential…out of Prodigy. CompuServe, or AOL …….I went with the big money maker…..Prodigy 😀
    You could go to your BBS, bulletin board system, and post comments about your topic of choice……….three days later it was posted and if there were any comments, you saw them three days later and so on…. and emails……..:D I cannot remember the exact number BUT if you went over 10 emails you sent to someone in a month, you paid 25 cents per email after your allotted amount.
    A friend of mine and I found a loop hole. I suppose looking back, it was complete trust and it was there. I gave my friend my password and screenname to log in and email “ourselves”.. So if she wanted to send me an email. she would log into my account, and email myself. That kind of trust wouldn’t extend to today lol. And I am a different kind of person, as I know even more so now. She was married to a doctor and had two children……….and she was my Prodigy friend……..and then I joined the Marines in 92 and we became pen pals and she sent me photos and then we moved on…….I still think of her, and the advice on women she gave me lol. Thank you for helping me look back. I guess now the Voice in my head is saying, is for you to continue to move forward without effort. Move through life. Do not let life move through you. But the Voice is Laughing. You know this already. Maybe this, here, now, your typing and………..oh yes I was just reminded your words, your recordings. Very cool! You inspire more than you ever know. Thank you 😀


    • benji111—ahhhhhh I see why your username is this! What a COOL birthday, 111 is SUCH a powerful number, wow! Thanks for the stories, they’re fun to read, I do remember Prodigy–I always thought it was a funny name, like the band….if you have heard of them? Happy Retirement days to you!! Thanks for your kind words, they mean a lot to me!


  2. Aha! The optical illusion is still working! This is horrible truly, and I apologize in advance but it’s not me, it’s my friends…two of my closest friends, more like sisters (in 2008? yes 08 in Iraq), that came up with Bengi with a G not a J because he is not a va J J. It’s weird I know. But I am a Bengi with a G. So after my shift in consciousness in 2013, almost a year later, the Voice in my head said to google Bengi, and so I did: a common Turkish given name.
    It means “eternal”, “endless”, “never-ending”, or “immortal”.
    Later I would also equate the G to goodness, and later still, and relevant to today, gratitude.
    And I DO remember The Prodigy. Than you for that. I am having Alexa shuffle songs by them time/now :D. See you around the Universe Ilona!


    • Oh that’s sweet about your name! Eternal for sure 😉 I highly recommend tracks 7, 8, 9 from The Fat of the Land by the Prodigy (that’s what I was listening to when I got stoned for the very first time hehe)….they are mesmerizing! This one especially though!


  3. Ilona I am so proud of you ! You continue to inspire me. I look forward to reading your blog and also getting back to my practice !


    • Awwwwww Nicole, thank you! You’re too sweet and you’re making me blush over here. You amaze me beyond belief! I can’t wait to see you again some day 🙂 who knows…maybe in the Southwest!!


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