Different Paths Leading to Where We’re Meant to Be.

I scored a day off of work and knew exactly what was calling for me.  That beautiful Columbia River Gorge, the area that first called me to Oregon originally.  Despite not being able to find an adventure buddy for the day and the rain hammering down outside, I knew that nature was needed.  For mental health, I have discovered that I need to get out into nature at least once a week.  So I covered myself up with rain gear, laced up my hiking boots, grabbed some snacks, and jetted down the old familiar Highway 84 to get to the gorge.


As I pulled into the parking lot to head up to do the 2-mile Fairy Falls loop, I was surprised that there were a few cars already in the parking lot.  It looked like the rain hadn’t scared others away either.  I got out of the car and took the familiar path up to the first set of falls, Wahkeena Falls.  The path was smooth sails up until about halfway up when I hit the first set of packed snow, which wasn’t difficult to maneuver around and I ran into a group of people coming down so I figured it probably wasn’t too bad.  It was about five minutes after that thought that I realized it was going to be a soggy snow packed trail the rest of the way.  You couldn’t see dry patches of ground anywhere once you reached a certain point.

image2 (5)


I made it all the way up to Fairy Falls, but it was a much slower go than usual.  There were previous boot marks from other people, which made the trail much easier, but at times I had to get creative in my footing to make sure I didn’t fall.  There were several times where I had to forgo a trail made by previous people and start a new one or else I would probably be taking a tumble.  It hit me on that trail that this was so metaphoric to how my life has been over the last two years while going through what I believe has been a spiritual awakening.


I am not going to lie.  My life has been pretty chaotic ever since doing my first 10-day silent meditation retreat.  It changed my life and not necessarily for the better.  Over the last two years since doing that retreat: I have quit five jobs, lived in six different places in two different cities, started two different school programs–successfully completing one of them, but in the end didn’t end up doing either of those career changes which was the initial plan when I set my eyes on both school programs.  Yet, here I am, healthy and with so many blessings that I can’t even count them all.


We all go through this in so many different ways.  We have intentions to manifest a specific dream, only to be thrown off the path with unforseen road blocks or hiccups.  So then, that initial dream twists and turns, but you still end up okay….you just forge a new path.  You either try again or create a new pathway and see if that one takes, only to have a different curve ball thrown at you.  So you pause, reflect a little maybe, and either keep trying on that one path stubbornly or set your sights on the next dream.  This is living!  Trying out new pathways is what keeps us unstuck and gives us freedom.


Hopefully this is resonating with some of you, I just felt like I needed to get it out while it was fresh in my mind.  What I have been discovering is that when I come across a multitude of blockages while attempting a specific dream, those blockages are guiding me to take a different path.  When I let go of the exact dream that I had in mind, it gives space for what’s meant for me to come in.  Being happy and in gratitude with what comes to me helps me to drop the struggle of “but it wasn’t supposed to go this way!”  In the past I would get discouraged, depressed, and felt like a failure when my dream didn’t manifest.  Now I am able to rest in a more present awareness of appreciating the path that I am currently on.


Peace out!  🙂


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8 comments on “Different Paths Leading to Where We’re Meant to Be.

  1. Good for you in staying positive. Your metaphors remind me of the bumps in the center of lanes that let us know we are going over the line…keeping us on the right path.


  2. Nice. I couldn’t help but notice the quote at the end – one of my favorite,,,, poets. I deciphered his poetry as my eighth grade thesis – His, and his protege, Thoreau, who lived on Walden Pond which belonged to Emerson, and was deeded over later. You, faerie dancer, seem to be connected to those, but freer to chose your own way of words. I’m very glad about that – that you have your own expression.

    As story writers go, and encoders, Emerson compiled a story into a paragraph, and his student surpassed him by managing to encode a story into each sentence of each paragraph. Once you approach their works knowing this, they really do lay out with such wonderment and beautiful language use,,,, you wonder if they are originally angelic creatures,,, which they might have been. The same for you.

    On Thu, Mar 16, 2017 at 6:34 PM, My Meditation Challenge wrote:

    > ilonca84 posted: “I scored a day off of work and knew exactly what was > calling for me. That beautiful Columbia River Gorge, the area that first > called me to Oregon originally. Despite not being able to find an > adventure buddy for the day and the rain hammering down outsi” >


    • Thanks Jay for reading and for the kind comment! I will have to check out more of their work. Also–I really like the idea of compiling a story into paragraph. Sometimes when I am talking to people, I wish that I could just say a word and they’d understand what I am trying to convey, that’s how it is in the astral realm ;)! But alas, we are in this 3D for now…


  3. When we begin the path of communing with the Transcendent, our karma speeds up. When we meditate or contemplate, we convert our being from the worldly to the Divine.
    The Transcendent-Divine will purify us so we may become a clear vessel or conduit for Its truth. Sometimes the tests are very hard, and when they are, I like to remember that “when the physical self (ego) is crying, the Soul is laughing.”

    Do what you love to do and it will take you where you need to go.

    Thank you for your posts.


    • Haha wow I absolutely love that quote: “when the physical self (ego) is crying, the soul is laughing.” Oh my how true that is!!!! Thank you so much for stopping by to read my post Scott. Thank you for your wise and kind words! Keep in touch! –Ilona


  4. Hope you don’t mind free advice from an old man. Not that many years ago I went through several changes that refocused my attention on the life’s purpose issue. I got an astrology report online and did the same for numerology. Interestingly both reports pointed me in the same direction – writing and communicating. After taking some writing courses I wrote and self published my first book. I started blogging. Then I wrote my second book. I’m very happy writing and have plans for a third book. Find yourself a good astrologer and numerologist. It may help shorten your search. Good luck!


    • You’re only as old as you feel ;). Thank you for the tip, I haven’t ever delved into numerology, however have had an astrology report done for me…it was pretty spot on. I will have to look into numerology though, thank you for the tip!!! 🙂 Also,thanks so much for stopping by to read and comment!


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