It’s Now or Never

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A friend in recent months told me “I’m not where I want to be in life.” Which is definitely something every human being can relate to. We all have dreams and desires, some going back all the way to when we were a child wanting to be “this” or “that” when we grew up. The only problem with dreams and desires, is that a lot of people want it right now and they don’t want to wait. Patience is for others to do, not for the ones who wants to be at a specific place right now. We are NEVER going to be where we want to be in life though if we aren’t happy with where we are right now in the moment. This is all we have, all we will ever have, this moment of now. The “not being where I want to be” attitude will get us nowhere, because that is a surefire sign that we will NEVER feel that we are where we should be.

I definitely stress and worry about not reaching goals and desires, but meditation has really awoken me to being happy with exactly where I am. For an example, one recent morning I was looking at my bank account and worrying about making ends meet. My rent is becoming much more expensive than I envisioned when I decided to move into a small studio apartment by myself and I have many upcoming travels that people are relying on me to be there for and that I am super excited for. I really started to get into this animalistic, poverty-thinking mode and then I took a deep breath and asked myself “but how am I doing right NOW?” Because really, I could get struck by a vehicle that forgets to stop at a red light tomorrow and then not even be able to go on the travels that I had planned in the coming months. I mean honestly, the more important thing is how am I doing right NOW?

Thinking in terms of being blessed where you are in the moment is a profound experience. It ends up bringing you even more blessings. That morning, I had decided to turn around my anxious thoughts about money and transformed them into being grateful in that “now” moment and it created even more positivity in my day. I went to work that morning and within a few short hours I was provided with an unexpected free lunch from business associates. Another couple hours go by and my manager asked me if I could work more hours in the coming months due to a co-worker leaving. Some could call it a coincidence, but truly I believe it’s the magic of what happens when you count your blessings. What you are thinking on the inside truly will manifest into the outer world, I state this because I have truly seen it happen….multiple times.

I feel absolutely rich this morning, sitting at my little studio kitchenette indulging in cup loads of home-made coffee, a breakfast made with fresh fruit from my fridge and food that’s filled in my cupboards. I have clothing on to keep me warm, fresh water beside me to keep me hydrated. I honestly feel like a queen right NOW in this moment of writing this and to be able to type away on this laptop, with internet connection. I have so much right now, so blessed with all of this right now. I am not concerned at the moment of what’s in my bank account or not being where I want to be in life.

Be happy with what you have right now, be happy with who you are right now, if you can’t do that now….don’t keep wishing for it to happen in the future that is non-existent. The only existence is right NOW.

23 comments on “It’s Now or Never

  1. What a lovely post, and the reminder about gratefulness in the moment is so important! I too have been there, the money concerns. But taking inventory of what I have right now brings me back to peace, and yes, I too believe it sends a signal to the Universe that the abundance at hand is appreciated and opens us up for all we ever need.


    • Thank you so much for reading and the sweet comment. It is definitely easier said than done, but it truly seems to become easier with constant practice ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have a great weekend! โค


    • Thank you so much, that’s super sweet of you, I appreciate it! And glad I could share my breakfast, in spirit. Sharing is caring! ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep in touch โค


  2. Interesting take on how looking at things the right way can make you feel better about where you are. It’s important to take action too sometimes. Believing in yourself helps a lot, but taking care of yourself is the action that supports your belief.

    Being grateful is one of the most important parts of improving our outlook on life. It seems like you have much cause for gratitude and optimism. Keep going…I know there’s more in store.

    Warm regards…John H.


    • Yes, you are totally right on…..action is important as well. It’s nice to be in “Now-ness” but also important to plan for the future ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for your kind words, that means a lot to me! Have a wonderful weekend ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Thanks I needed to hear that this morning. I actually looked for inspiration just now and read what you had said so in communicating with this moment and thanking for giving me what I need It was their fir me.
    Now is a very cool place


  4. Hello ilonca; I want to say, “Thank You,” for following me at “Beyond The Cracked Window” it means a great deal to me.

    I found your post above fascinating while striking so many chords of familiarity. In such a fast paced and goal driven life model, that most of us have been raised to, it is nice to see some, “awakening,” individuals asking, “Hey! wait a minute…Is this what I want?” Meditation becomes a sanity check, a grounding in the here and now, outside all of the stories we constantly tell ourselves about the past and future.

    Thank you for reminding us that beyond the constant grasping for more of everything we too often forget all that we have in this and every discrete moment of this incredible life.



    • Hi Stephen,

      No problem…I am excited to follow your posts! Thank you so much for your kind words, I think so many people are starting to awaken and realizing that what they were brought up in was a totally different world than the one we are in now….it’s such a beautiful thing to see ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep in touch! Sending ya lots of good vibes for your weekend!


  5. Loved this. I am going through a similar phase with funds and mortgage at the moment. I have been delighted that my practice has kept my feet so firmly on the ground that I know solutions are present. Even if I am not aware of them. I simply know in this moment when I am at center, they are there. More than this, I know that my own peace draws to me all that I need. So if a solution to my mortgage is necessary it is not in obsessing about it that the solution comes, but in living this moment freely. Step out of the chaos of a day or the chaos of your mind and you suddenly see a very different world. Namaste


    • Beautifully put! All so true. As I have been meditating daily, it has opened me up to such a realization in so many blessings that I have had and have always had. I have truly had a blessed life and have always been provided for, it was an illusion to ever think that I was lacking….
      Namaste ๐Ÿ™‚


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  7. Aw! This oneโ€™s a good reminder.

    Truly, blessings flow once you have a grateful heart.
    It also helps to read a lot of blogs and testimony of other people living in the now and the is-ness of the moment.

    Thank you.

    Keep on writing.


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